Eggplant Panini/Sub

This sandwich was unexpected and came out of nowhere. Something that seemed as simple as a plethora of vegetables on some French bread turned into a magnificent fantastic and orgasmic vegasmic train of delicious that hit our bodies like a wave of ecstasy.

Lauren Ulm of VeganYumYum, the original author of this recipe, gave us a huge template for this amazing creation. However, We feel her measurements were all wrong. She said to use half a cup of oil for the eggplant. This caused an explosion of hot grease in our mouths in the first batch. Only a drizzle is needed to make the eggplant slices delectable.

That being said, her basic outline helped us a lot. We used French bread, basil, tomatoes, and eggplant. We also used a sautéed mix of onions, mushroom, and red bell pepper. We also introduced garlic humus.

It was perfectly portioned. We were neither overfull or left hungry. No side dish necessary. In fact, a side dish would almost ruin the distinct taste of every single ingredient.

As the crumbs rained upon our shirts, the distinguishable flavors burst open. As a first recipe for this blog, we give it four Vegons out of five. Though it was an absolutely amazing sandwich with no downside to taste, the preparation took forever because of how much the first batch of eggplant got messed up, and because the original recipe had wrong measurement.


French Bread
Campari Tomatoes
Red Pepper
Fresh Basil
Hummus (any flavor)
Cayenne (optional)
Olive Oil

To begin with, we baked Campari tomatoes with a drizzle of olive oil and salt for about thirty minutes. They are larger than the original tomatoes called for but more flavorful and adorable.

We did make one mistake with the tomatoes. Definitely scoop out the seeds before baking them.

After we baked the tomatoes, we started with the eggplant. Cut the ends off the eggplant, peel the skin with a vegetable peeler, and slice into half inch discs. DO NOT use a half cup of oil like the original calls for. It will be terrible. I seriously recommend a very light coating on the bottom of the pan and then a SMALL drizzle over each slice. Bake these for about thirty five minutes. This is where you can add the cayenne if you’d like.

While they are baking, sautee onions, red pepper, and mushrooms. Set these aside until the eggplants are done.

When the eggplants are done, they will look a bit browned. Cut your French bread into the desired sandwich size, and then place the tomatoes.

Place the veggies, and then the eggplant.

Place back in the oven. You can either broil it or bake it for about ten minutes on 350 degrees. When you take it out, spread hummus on the other side of the bread.

Put down some basil leaves!!

Close it up, and get ready to be hit with a vegasm that will cure your headache.

So, as stated before, we give this four Vegons out of five.


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23 year old graphic designer who loves blogging, vintage clothing, soul searching and seeking out ways to be happy.
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