First Recipes of the New Year

Dylan is still kind of sick so I’m blogging along again.

This particular recipe from The PPK has intrigued me for weeks: Cream Avocado Potato Salad. It is very possible that I completely screwed it up because I was NOT happy with the results.

Granted, I changed it up, which is where my screw-ups probably occurred. My blender needs to be washed so I opted for elbow grease to mix the avocado. Also, I didn’t have tomato, so I didn’t use it. Since I was eating alone I tried to recalculate how many ingredients I needed. I definitely got the proportions wrong. There was too much potato and not enough avocado.

Still, though, I really was not as happy as I was hoping to be.

Avocado is my favorite though!

This was after I mixed in the onions and cucumbers. It was looking mighty promising, right?

See what I mean? You can just tell how off it is. So, my brilliant mind said, “Hey, lets add in some Daiya!”

Looks good. Tasted….not that great. I still opted to saran wrap the bowl. Maybe if I get drunk enough…hah, just kidding!

Two Vegons…

So I did bounce back and made a delightful meal later today. It’s a salad of sorts but…well, here.

I started by pan frying some MorningStar Chick’n Strips, and once they were close to done I added a couple handfuls of baby spinach.

Meanwhile I boiled up some Korean Leek Dumplings.

I got these from the Korean market in Georgia. My parents took me, it’s a two hour drive for them…I am forever grateful!

Then I put some fresh baby spinach in a bowl, and, well, just kind of threw everything together.

Freaking. Delicious.

5 Vegons

So…I hope everyone had a great New Years Eve and Day, and kept safe!


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23 year old graphic designer who loves blogging, vintage clothing, soul searching and seeking out ways to be happy.
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2 Responses to First Recipes of the New Year

  1. I have been dying for dumplings! I blame the Anthony Bourdain Shanghai episode I saw the day before yesterday. Yums.

    • fallingfruits says:

      Sounds yummy! Every time I go home my parents make dumplings…I’m so glad I got to bring home some bags! If there are any Asian markets near you, you should go!

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